3 Items That Sneaky Dogs Chew

3 Items That Sneaky Dogs Chew

We all know that dogs love to chew. Shoes, sticks, and remote controls are just a short list of the objects that will eventually end up in your dogs mouth. Try as you will, you probably can’t stop them. Why do they do it? Plastic can’t taste good and splinters don’t feel good. Maybe it’s something we’ll never understand about our furry friends.

We took some time and polled 25 dog owners to figure out what items and objects dogs love ego chew on the most. You may think that a Kong or a Nylabone are top dog, but you’d be surprised.

I See London, I See France

It’s embarrassing. And it only seems to happen when you have company. You know what it is – your underwear. One of the most common items that our dog owners listed was their skivvies. It’s quite hilarious, but the item was so popular that it had to be first on our list. Why is it that our dogs love to sneakily grab out underwear? As gross as it sounds, it’s likely that it smells like us. And our dogs love us, right?

On the other hand, maybe our dogs are looking for attention. And there is no better way to get our attention than to grab our most sensitive posessions. A quick game of keep away, anybody? Do you have company over? Your dog likely sees no better time to play than now.

R-O-C-K in the USA

There are many items that we allow our dogs to chew on. Sticks, toys, and ropes are all fair game. But when it comes to safety, there are some items that are bad news. And just like children, our dogs seem drawn, like moths to a flame, to the items they shouldn’t have. One of most mentioned items are rocks. Yes, rocks. Stones on the ground. They don’t taste good. And they smell pretty plain – so we’ve been told. But our pets love them. The dog owner’s we surveyed explained that rocks and stones were almost always being picked up and chewed on by their dogs. We can’t explain it. They can’t explain it. Maybe we’ll just have to leave this one to a difference between dogs and humans.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

What do all of these items have in common? The parts our bodies most likely to ache after a day of skiing? Maybe the body parts that a baby first discovers? Or possibly some of the most commonly listed areas that dogs love to chew on. The most commonly mentioned item that dogs chew is their own bodies. Not included in list are tails, stomachs, and legs. Our dogs are constantly grooming themselves, so it goes as no surprise that the most commonly chewed on item is dogs themselves.

Dog Your Dog Chew?

Some dogs stick exclusively to their toys. Others can’t wait for you to go to work so they can eat your shoes. Where does your dog stand? We’d love to hear from you, whether you have a puppy that never breaks the rules or an dog that loves mischief. Take a moment and let us know what your furry pal chews on.

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